Luke + Anna Hellenbronth
Motions Of Mercy

  • Motions Of Mercy
Titel: Motions Of Mercy
Artist: Luke + Anna Hellenbronth
Artikelnr: 72112
Förlag: Integrity
Skivtyp: CD
Genre: Lovsång / Contemporary
Utgivningsår: 2019
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Motions of Mercy is the highly anticipated new album from Worship Central's Luke+Anna Hellebronth.
This vibrant new studio album includes the singles Revive Us (Heavy Rain), See Me Through, Up and Alive, Abide & All For Love (Gethsemane)

Based at Gas Street Birmingham, Luke + Anna Hellebronth have been married for over 10 years. A key part of the team at Worship Central, alongside the auspices of celebrated songwriter Tim Hughes, Luke and Anna’s expression of music is rooted in their faith and community.

Known for penning contemporary hymns such as “Spirit Break Out”, as featured on Luke’s first solo album, Stand Up, as well as "Awesome Is He" and "Pray". Anna is best known for the Easter inspired radio single “All For Love (Gethsemane)”. Both Luke + Anna are passionate about inspiring worship leaders and musicians around the world and are sought after teachers of the theology and practices of worship.

'The concept of the album is that we’re all on a journey, experiencing many different things but always in the motion of mercy. Through the music and lyrics, we want to connect humanity to the eternal. We hope that many of the songs will be used by local churches to help people connect with God and the community in significant ways but also that people hear these songs and feel in touch with God. As Beethoven said, ‘Music should strike fire from the heart of men and bring tears from the eyes of women’.'

Luke + Anna are two remarkable leaders who carry a deep cry to see God at work in the everyday. Their songs and ministry have had a huge impact on our church in giving voice to a heart cry for more. I believe these are significant songs for the church.

Tim Hughes | Worship Leader & Pastor

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