Right where You are

AnnaMaria Bergqvist

2014 David Songs - David Media AB

Låttext (lyrics)

I know your heart is broken, your life has been hard.
Too many things have happened that tore you apart.
I know you´re not believing, that someone´s there for you.
But listen to this song, there is One who sees you through.

You feel your life is empty and you´ve lost your hope.
You feel so insecure and alone.
And even though you think, that God´s forgotten you.
He´s standing at your door, it is you He´s waiting for.

He will meet you right where you are.
He will heal your soul and your heart.
Open up your life for His love.
He will meet you right where you are.

I know you have been crying, sometimes in your sleep.
I´ve seen a lot of tears in your eyes.
And in your darkest hour, when no one else seems near.
He´s always by your side, you don´t ever have to hide.

Your heart is broken,
your words unspoken.
Can someone hear your voice?
You feel alone, so lost no home.
I sing this song for you.
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