Important info before a translation

To translate foreign works into another language is an important work. There are many factors to consider before a translation can be approved for use.

A great translation should, among other things be true to the original lyrics, rendering a good theology and contain a smooth and singable language. A bad translation falls quickly into oblivion but a good translation can give a song a whole new life
  • It is free for anyone to translate a work, but first make sure there isn't already an approved translation of the song that you want to translate
  • It is not allowed to use a translation without the approval of the songs owner/publisher.
This is important both for copyright reasons but also to avoid circulation of unapproved versions of the same original song.

Do you want to translate a work?

If you would like to submit a translation process to go as follows:
  1. Download our simple Translation template (Microsoft Excel document).
  2. Name the file after the original title + the language of the translation.
    Example: Mighty to save-Swedish/Swedish.
  3. Write original text in column A, your translation in column B and a Word-to-Word translation back into English in column C.
  4. Email the document to publishing@davidmedia.se.
We try to treat your request as soon as possible but expect 1-2-month response time.

A tip!

A good translation is taking its time of crafting and several people are often involved in the process. A recommendation is to let outsiders review your translation before you forward it for approval. Like a Bible literate person eg. a pastor/priest or theologian who can do an initial review. This is not a requirement from our side but a warm recommendation.

Good luck with your work and thanks in advance for the patience!