Music Publishing

Our main publishing activities are:

  • Music Publishing | in its broadest sense.
  • Rights management | representing and standing up for the rights of authors and publishers from Sweden and abroad.
  • Copyright Administration | for Christian music publishing companies from across the globe for the Nordic and Baltic territory.
  • Distribution | of (sheet)music, both printed and digital through our own initiatives, such as Heart of David, and in partnership with others
As a sub-publisher/administrator our main territory is the Nordic and Baltic territory.

NORDIC: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden
BALTIC: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Our responsibilities include registration of songs (works) with the Nordic and Baltic societies, approval of translations, print licensing, synchronization and licensing for reproduction of lyrics.

In the Nordic and Baltic territory the Nordic Copyright Bureau (NCB) administrates mechanical licensing but by contacting us we will forward the accurate copyright-information.

David Media is the exclusive agent for Small Stone Media as well as Song Solutions Daybreak and the Copycare group. Below is examples of some of the catalogues we represent (for a full listing, see the next tab):
  • Word Music LLC
  • Brentwood – Benson Music Publishing
  • Gaither Music
  • Thankyou Music
  • Integrity Music
  • Mercy/Vineyard
  • Vineyard Songs (UK/Eire)
  • Music Services including song by Mercy Me, Phil Wickham, Darlene Zschech, and Ed Cash.
  • Salvationist Publishing & Supplies
  • Hope
  • Make Way
  • Lillenas
  • The Rodeheaver Company
  • Grant Girls
  • David Songs
  • Adora Songs
  • Håkan Reimer
  • Eva-Lena Hellmark
  • and many more...
We do not represent:
  • Capitol Christian Music Publishing
  • Hillsong Publishing