Be Bright

Text & Musik: Jonathan Alfredsson, Liselotte Östblom

2018 David Songs (Admin av David Media AB)

Låttext (lyrics)

This is the day, a day of new beginnings.
Believe in a change, that God is on your side.
Just look to His love and see that He won
the battle of death, He said: It is done.
Today we have life, today we have hope,
today we are free.

Come on, it’s time to be bright.
Be a light in the darkness,
a lamp in the night, so bright,
That the battles you fight gotta
bow to his might, be bright.

Nothing coming your way can stop you
from displaying the light.
Be bright.
Be bright.

You’re a light in the darkness.
You’re a lamp in the night.

You’re a light in the darkness. Be bright.
You can’t hide it. You can’t hide it.
You can’t hide it. Be bright. Be bright.

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