It is in You

Text & Musik: Evelina Gard

© 2018 David Songs (Admin av David Media AB)


Låttext (lyrics)

1. Again I find myself in need of help.
Why is it that I tend to pretend that I can figure out
the what’s and why’s.
I need You more than ever before.
Heard it a thousand times, know all the lies.
So easy just to go with the flow,
fall into emptiness and selfishness.
That’s not where I want to end up.

It is in You that my soul can find fulfillment.
It is in You that eternal peace resides forever more.

2. There have been times when I’m in my mind
(drifted so far)
There have been times that I’ve believed the lie:
If I have it my way things will be okay,
but here I am, let me just say:

It is in You that my deepest fears are silenced.
It is in You I find purpose and a cause.

It is in You that my failures turn to wisdom.
It is in You that my broken heart is healed forevermore.

That is why I lift my hands and forever sing Your praise.
You make all the difference. My life, now and forever You changed.
You’re the beginning, the end. Now in Your presence I stand.
Jesus take me by the hand, forever lead the way.

It is in you I find forgiveness.
It is in you I find happiness and joy.
It is in you that salvation comes for nothing.
It is in You all my hopes and dreams are met forevermore.
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